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New owners XPE Ltd, have big plans for the future of Monarch Hockey and have subsequently developed a restructuring plan to ensure that production and development of our products remain of the highest standards and provide our customers with the best possible value for money.

As part of this restructuring plan on the 30th June 2015 the Bromsgrove showroom was closed. Manufacturing operations have been moved to our main site in Leighton Buzzard and we have also opened a new Research and Development facility in Hereford.

Investment in the Hereford facility is part of our plan to start creating some new and exciting products that we hope will change the landscape of hockey not only in the UK & Europe, but eventually worldwide. Our future plans also involve the option for players wanting to try out or be measured for custom kit and equipment can come and gain expert advice about our products at either of our sites.

This is a time of big movements for Monarch Hockey, keep your finger on the pulse by visiting our website and following our social media feeds.

Chris Tarling
Managing Director, XPE Limited

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Monarch-sponsored player Gavin Sommerville updates the community on participating in the European Championships and taking time out from the pitch. Gavin is captain of Western Wildcats and is totalling 16 caps for Scotland.


Our time at the European Championships II in Prague ended a few weeks ago, and with it came the end of the International programme for another season.  The boys said their goodbyes and everyone is now back with their club sides at home and abroad in preparation for the forthcoming season. It’s not, of course, the end of the season for all nations, and I’m sure we’ll all be watching the European Championships in London with great interest and, no doubt, a little jealousy. It looks like it’ll be a wonderful tournament.

Competing in an International event is usually the culmination of months, if not years, of work. Our programme started with group training in March and the first matches (in Barcelona against Spain) were in May. Individual and regional training goes on all year though so by the time the tournament comes around everyone is desperate to put all that hard work to good use.

Before we arrived in Prague for the Euros we had a preparation camp in Poland which included 2 test matches against our hosts and several training sessions. By the end the tournament we’d been away for 13 days in total, which feels like a long time away from home. We’re normally only away for a few days at a time with a 2 or 3 game test series typically being played over a long weekend.

Tour living can of course be testing at times, but it’s a brilliant experience. It creates a great bond between the team as you’re going through it together and everyone needs to support each other in different ways.

We are lucky to have excellent support staff and it’s easy to fall into a cycle of competition, refuel, analyse, recover. It feels like everything is monitored, and I mean everything! Weight, flexibility, hydration (the dreaded pee test), sleep, fatigue. Even mood and motivation is checked. We’re very well looked after and I’ve seen first-hand how paying attention to these details can provide a competitive edge during the rigours of tournament hockey with 5 games in the space of 8 or 9 days.

In amongst all this it’s also important to make time to relax away from the pitch. It’s not always easy in such an intense environment, but whether that’s playing cards with the lads (President and Loot are the current favourites), discussing the days events (pre-match changing room song choice is topic of near constant debate) or watching a movie (Lone Survivor is next), it’s all about finding the right blend!

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