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Hockey Balls

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  1. Slazenger Indoor Ball

    Slazenger Indoor Ball

    Slazenger indoor hockey ball, designed specifically for the indoor game. Learn More
  2. Slazenger Ball Bag

    Slazenger Ball Bag

    Slazenger hockey ball bag. Holds up to 50 balls, rigid hard base for ease of use. Learn More
  3. Slazenger Practice Dimple Ball

    Slazenger Practice Dimple Ball

    Slazenger Training Dimple Hockey Balls (Bag of 12). Slazenger training dimple balls are another excellent choice of great value hockey training ball. Learn More
  4. Slazenger Practice Smooth Ball

    Slazenger Practice Smooth Ball

    The Slazenger Club Smooth Hockey Ball features a hollow centre and smooth surface. Ideal for training or club use and have a durable construction that'll cope with the abuse handed out over the course of a season quite easily. Learn More
  5. Slazenger Wire Ball Carrier

    Slazenger Wire Ball Carrier

    The Slazenger ball basket is a wired holder and a great value carrier for your hockey equipment. Learn More
  6. Slazenger Match Dimple Ball

    Slazenger Match Dimple Ball

    6 Slazenger Match Dimple Hockey Balls. Dimple pattern to aid water dispersion, and available in orange or white. Learn More
  7. Slazenger Mini Hockey Ball

    Slazenger Mini Hockey Ball

    Mini Ball Learn More
  8. Kookaburra Dimple Standard white

    Kookaburra Dimple Standard white

    Dimple Saturn Learn More