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GCP01 Range

The goalkeeping kit designed by GB keeper George Pinner...

"I've been using the new Monarch GCP01 kit that I designed in conjunction with Monarch Hockey for over a year now and absolutely love it. The introduction of D3O into the kit has provided me with superb protection and levels of rebound that I have never experienced before. The kit is designed with one thing in mind and that's to allow the goalkeeper to keep the ball out of the goal safely..."

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  1. GCP01 Kickers

    GCP01 Kickers

    The GCP01 kickers offer great protection and rebound so you can reduce the chance of the striker getting a second shot. We have ensured a seamless construction between the foam layers but more importantly produced the first concept fit kicker. Learn More
  2. GCP01 Leg Guards

    GCP01 Leg Guards

    The maximum surface area on the front face and calf area of the leg guards give a big saving area and excellent protection, whilst allowing players to move quickly and freely on your feet... Learn More
  3. GCP01 Right Hand Glove

    GCP01 Right Hand Glove

    The GCP01 standard right hand glove fits perfectly with lower arm protection, providing a completely flat surface to achieve continuous stick to pitch contact when diving, logging or smothering. The glove allows players the freedom to use their stick and achieve a natural position when diving, whilst still giving a solid saving area when upright. Learn More
  4. GCP01 Contour Glove

    GCP01 Contour Glove

    The GCP01 Contour glove provides high rebound where keepers need it most. When you're at full stretch the ergonomic construction of the glove sits in perfect situ with your natural bio mechanics, allowing you to get 'pad on ball' with greater ease and efficiency. Learn More
  5. GCP01 Left Hand Glove

    GCP01 Left Hand Glove

    The left hand glove (LHG) offer an improved shape which again meets the FIH maximum ruling. Big improvements have been made to internal structure of the glove with the new ‘palm grip’ system. Learn More
  6. GCP01 Full GK Set

    GCP01 Full GK Set

    Featuring the latest technical foams Monarch has created a set of pads with extreme rebound properties, enhanced durability and the first concept fit kicker… Learn More