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Maxi Set Level 2 (12-14 yrs)

Maxi is the perfect choice for the committed junior keeper, with all of the key features found in a senior kit...

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  1. Maxi Level 2 Gloves

    Maxi Level 2 Gloves

    The left hand is comfortable and easy to wear. The right hand incorporates a complete enclosure system to give junior players added protection. Learn More
  2. Maxi R H Glove

    Maxi R H Glove

    Maxi RHG Learn More
  3. Maxi Level 2 Kickers

    Maxi Level 2 Kickers

    The Maxi kicker has better foam protection that the Midi kicker, including the dual toe strap for maximum support. The extended tongue ensure that the kicker and the leg guard fit together in a secure but comfortable position. Learn More
  4. Maxi Level 2 Leg Guards

    Maxi Level 2 Leg Guards

    The Maxi leg guards use extra light-weight foam offering high rebound with effective protection designed specifically for junior players. Learn More