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Mini Set Level 1 (7-9 yrs)

The Monarch Mini set is aimed at the youngest and often smallest of the goalkeeping family, with primary focus on protection...

We know the kickers are the most important to ensure maximum protection for the toes and front of foot. Seamless fitting of the kicker and leg guards mean that no call will fit through gaps or spaces. Get started today with your Mini set - newly styled in yellow.

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  1. Mini Level 1 Kickers

    Mini Level 1 Kickers

    The ultra light kicker has been designed with a extended tongue with metallocene foam for extra comfort and keeps the legguard and kicker in the correct position. Learn More
  2. Mini Level 1 Leg Guards

    Mini Level 1 Leg Guards

    The perfect starter range for youngsters; comfortable and flexible to allow free movement, yet protective to guard against impact. Designed with a flat front and a 90 degree angle to protect inside leg to ensure as a beginner the correct goalkeeping kicking method is encouraged. Learn More
  3. Mini Level 1 Gloves

    Mini Level 1 Gloves

    The gauntlets offer the young goal keeper extra protection and are a good introduction to the techniques needed for using foam gauntlets. The gauntlets are of a simple design and available in one size only. Learn More